Projekt Metatron - die erste Posaune (The First Trumpet) - (2013)

…is based on the Book of Revelation of Saint John, which is the last book of the New Testament. It contains the seven seals. Each proclaims horrible prophecies for the earth. The seventh seal talks about the seven trumpets that correspond to seven
plagues. Each time a trumpet is heard, a plague overwhelms the earth. The first trumpet symbolizes hail and fire mixed with blood, that burns one third of the earth, one third of all trees and all green grass.

Die erste Posaune as an art project based on the above will instantly induce an altered state of consciousness (if in the right room). Persons will be extracted of their environment and focused completely on themselves. This experience connected with the knowledge of the title of the project, could transcendent our deepest feelings and thought. The imagination that god spoke to the audience could enhance the experience1. The First Trumpet as a religious sign should not teach anything but maybe it is able to make us think, by giving an extraordinary experience.
To produce the infrasound signal a combination of a transmission line and horn loaded design will be used. An 18” cone driver will be mounted to a 9-12m long and 50cm wide tube. The size of the whole system is supporting the mighty impression of a message from god, like organ pipes in churches do. This transmission line will be positioned to a room corner in a way that the whole room acts as a huge horn. If favored the length of the tube will be aligned to the room’s resonance frequency to produce an ‘earthquakelike’ event (it is also planned to mount seats to the tube, to experience the vibration).

A sonic presentation of instance economic growth, loss of biodiversity, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and other changes since the start of industrialization with an acoustic signal that is perceived subconciously with the whole body.