artScience & Society Lab is a working group (not an organisation yet) of persons from various fields of arts, sciences and humanities. This working group will be extended to include also persons from philosophy and other interesting ways to gain knowledge, to better understand the world and to communicate realities.

Team members of current projet "Epitomes of Art & Science":
Michael Bachhofer
Margit Busch
Romana Egartner
Anna Frida Jonsdottir
Isidora Krstic
Frédérique Neuts Leroy
Nemanja Popadic
Marthin Rozo

Additional team members of former projets:
Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk
Dr. Stefan Resch
Dr. Eduard Rysavy
Dr. Martin Wildenberg
Karl Wratschko

For years we were talking about concerted projects, sometimes more science based, sometimes more technology based, sometimes more concerned about the artistic outcome, always interesting but seldomly implemented. By founding this group we set the first step to promote and foster joint projects in the field of art and sciences but also in the area between those two and extended to a broad range of transdisciplinary research and artistic realization. "Project Metatron" was the first artistic project we collectively turned into reality. It was a first experiment in a row to alter reality by extending perception. This firts attempt was realized by translating data into sound and make it hearable and sensible within "Projekt Metatron". Our project "Informa", has been showed at the OSTRALE´O16 in Dresden/Germany. "Pushing the Mouse" has been exhibited in Valletta, European Capital of Culture 2018. "Epitomes of Art & Science" made us visible at the Prallel Vienna 2020.